Kamis, 17 Desember 2015

My School Life: CAMPRT!

Hi everyone! Yesterday i was camping with my all of my friends. Camping is a scout's activity. Now i will tell you about my camping experience yesterday. I was camping in Kiara Payung Camp. I went there on 15th,2015 until 16th,2015. Just one day we do camping. We went there by a military truck. In 7am we went to the camping place. We arrive in 9am, i think because i forgot. I joined in 12 team, the leader is syavina, and my friend in my team is febby, ambria, atthaya, keisha, fadilla, and putri. We built our tent for one hour. After that we were in welcome ceremony. When we are on going ceremony it was interrupted because it was raining and then we came back to tent. After the rain stopped, we cook some food for we ate. And then we went to the competition but, my team was lose. The next day my team was joined hiking. We were hiking about 1 km long it was really tiring because the hiking was not attractive. After hiking we went to the home.

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