Sabtu, 05 Desember 2015


Hi! I want to tell you about GAMARVANI. Gamarvani is an event that held by SMAN 3 Bandung. Gamarvani took the theme based from a West Java local story about Nyai Anteh. The name of “Gamarvani” were from Sanskritic words, Gama that means journey, and Parvani means to the moon. So, Gamarvani means a jorney to the moon.
I had so much fun over there and met a lot of my old friends and some from my junior high school. We took a pictures and watched the show together.
Later on 6.10 pm, I did the maghrib prayer with my friends. We were a bit hurried because the gate would be close at 6.30 pm. We were so excited to see Adera and HiVi performing.
Before we watched their performances, we had a dinner. After dinner, the first perfomance was brought by Adera. While he was singing, I made some new friends from another school (they were my friend’s friends). We shared each of our own stories and laughed together. Then, my friends and I sat for a little while because we were tired of standing for a long time.
A little while later, HiVi was going to perform on 9 pm and we got our spirit back. but I have called by my mother so I went before the appearance hivi. Most of my friends had gone back home, so I go home too. We sat for a while to rest our feet. On 08;20pm, we went home. It was so fun because I got to see my old friends and spent the day together with them.

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