Rabu, 30 Maret 2016

English THEME:

“Education to Build a Better Future for All”

Salsabillah Aurel Putri L.S/ LM Monday 1 A

Education is really important for us. Because if we don’t have education in our life we cannot have a better life in the future, to be a better life in the future we must have planning from now and the others is we cannot be anything what we want in the future. Actually, education can make us to be a better person. Now education becomes top priority or necessity that must be owned by people. Education also can affect social life by one person to another person, such as like we tell to our family or friends. Also education can affect to our opinion or mindset about life, maybe can changes our life to be better. The last is education can make us know about everything what another person don’t know. So we can tell to our friends if they don’t know.

We can learn from books but now we can learn from social media, internet, or something like that. So we can get more easy to learn. I think all of parents must be prepared they childern since a long time ago. They sent their children from kindergarten, elementary, junior high school, senior high school until turn to the university. Their son have do it step by step to got better future. So they have to learn seriously.

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