Jumat, 10 Juni 2016

My Holiday

Last holiday, me, my parents, and my nephew went to Sari Ater. I want to tell you about my story. I went to Sari Ater by car in the evening. We would stay in Sari Ater for 2 days. Sari Ater is located in Raya Ciater street. For me in there the weather is cold but i did not felt freezing. There is so many places can we visited in there like paint balls, riding horse, and many others. Also in there we can soaking but the water is brimstone if the water hit your eyes you will felt pain because brimstone can make smarting.

After my parents checked at cottage, we decided to eat first. But my nephew want to riding horse, so i follow her to keep her safely. Her old is still 2 years. After we riding horse my nephew is very happy. In front of my cottage there was a games like swing and something like that little kid can play it. 

In the night my parents and my nephew want to soaking but i did not because i didn't want to take a bath again. I felt sleepy when my parents and the other was soaking. It finished at 1 am and the we back to cottage. In the cottage i felt hungry so i ate first and my nephew follow to ate to. After that we went to sleep.

Next day, we woke up in the morning we just looking the view. The view was very beautiful. And the we get breakfast with my family. When we went to backto cottage my little sister looked a horse so she want to riding horse again. Her parents les her to riding horse. Her parents told me to follow her and keep her did not fall down. My other nephew follow we to riding horse.

After that my uncle teach me to play dron. Because my brother is able to play dron. When i play it i felt so nervous I'm scare if that drop is fall down, but i can do it. After that we went back home. So that is my holiday.

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